How a Category Got Its Name

Not having the kids, considering career transmogrification (I know: awesome word–just found it), gives me far too much free time coupled with anxiety. As a result, I am playing with this new blog-of-my-obsession (BOMO). Provides an escape more liver-friendly than vodka, and feeds my creativity! I realized that all of my posts so far are entirely too revealing. That if I do actually ever go to seek a job from someone else and my prospective employer should happen to find out I have a blog and reads it, I may be SCREWED. Good employees never use the word SCREWED and certainly wouldn’t capitalize it in a public venue. I would remind their HR department about privacy laws. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh, yes, too revealing. So after re-reading all the posts to see if I still liked them, I realized most of them were about body parts and bleeding edge emotional divulgence (which is apparently NOT a word). I steeped in the tension that realization brought me for a moment. Live with the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ or just tell it like it is? Should I delete all the references that polite people–the kind of people who have tact–would blush about? Things like toenail fungus and rogue chin hairs? Hell no! (Again, privacy laws…) I’m going to rock out with my parts out here and make an assumption that anyone who got past the title of the blog would be expecting nothing less than an occasional oversharing. And that is how a category got its name!

Should I start writing about kittens and butterflies, you’ll be sure to know.

Note to self: soon a blog post must be written in iambic pentameter and use under-utilized words to address some facet of personal discovery. (oh… the girl lays down a challenge!)

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