I’m Kaley… and unfiltered. I use big words and complex sentence structure. Ideas are my shiny things. My friends say I think too much. They’re right.

How I Got Here:

Once upon a time, I lived to meet other people’s codes. It quit working, so I’ve been on a journey to rewrite my story based on what works for me. I wasn’t familiar with the new terrain. It was rocky, but that’s only because I blew up the structure of my life.

I no longer have 25 employees, credit, a 4200’ house on acreage, chickens and a garden.

I started writing. I wrote like I was naked, and I discovered what is important to me:

Word map of themes
These themes emerged on my journey
  • Transformations – Jungian archetypes and journeying, neuroscience*
  • Identity – cultural codes, shame, control and emancipation
  • Changemaking
  • Examining over-cultural norms – patriarchy, gender relations, religious control, privilege
  • Spiritual paradigms and alternative modalities
  • Intentional work – digital marketing, lifestyle design
  • Finding my tribe – community, relationships, parenting

When I get this all figured out and can create an infographic to visualize the meaning of life, I can die happy. Bury me in a vat of roasted red pepper and macadamia nut sauce and adorn me with malt balls.

How About the Other Stuff?

I’m in a Facebook relationship with my MacBook Pro.

I go great lengths to pretend I am committed to healthy eating. I go to woo woo Body Talk healing circles, play at djembe drumming, and procure superfluous quantities of books, coffee mugs and writing utensils.

Right now I am studying New Media Journalism to put some teeth and discipline into my writing. You can watch my journey over at www.kaleyperkins.com — the topics morph as I tinker with my voice and audience for my journalism brand.

I believe that we bump into each other for a reason, so thank you for visiting! I hope my investigations and stories bring your Soul a gift. I’d love to hear from you!


P.S. You can also find me here, here, here, and here.


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