Control ‘Z’: Where the Hell Are You?

(Kind of wondering why I don’t drink more alcohol. Maybe the whole ‘Child of Irish Catholic Alcoholics’ awareness figures in there…)

At this point in my life, I draw great strength from my deep and abiding belief that framing is the key to the universe; more specifically, that my philosophy for framing rests soundly on the side of Pollyanna-ism. I also draw great strength in my life from the deep and abiding conviction that what today holds extends as far as today and how I deal with it controls what happens to it tomorrow. Mix in some hard work and time, and problems become blessings. I also draw great strength in my life from the unalterable intention I have to turn everything I am living through into fodder for ‘fiction’.

So I’m feeling pretty strong, and if you’re part of my drama, beware. I will change your name but only as far as it gets me out of legal ramifications.

As much as every fiber in my self-obsessed, oversharing soul desires to give the comical and incomprehensible details of the circumstances that feed into the above thoughts, I will hold off for now. People that know me already know; people that don’t know me can merely substitute their own life circumstances and go from there.

Which leaves me to why am I writing this blog post? I am writing this blog post because I really liked the title of it, intend to write a book entitled that, and I don’t have the book written yet.



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