collective consciousness


collective consciousness
Flickr user charles.bukowsky, Creative Commons 2.0 license

I will commune with the sum
of conscious humanity.

Born, gone, yet to be

To share our truths and learnings.
To dance about our differences
and celebrate our failures.

It is these that spur us to take the journey.

I will throw all ego to flame
and as its curly edges turn to wispy ash,
collect it and rebirth it
as hope
and contentment
and service
and play.

I will watch sound re-create,
colors align,
scents evoke forgotten knowings,
the taste of belongingness.

…the Earth and her stones, our plants
the bodies in heaven,
the flame, the sea, the air, the crust,
hold their space.

Through these, tethering us to what is.

All that we are
and hope to become again
or finally:

Healed, celebratory –
generational threads of all knowing,
connected in love.

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