All About Release. And wine.

Today it is all about release.

The new year has come and with it, the passing of 2011. Thank God! Things could be worse, certainly, but only so much as it applies to health and wellness of those whom I love and hold dear. All else has been stripped away, and I am embracing that with a superhero amount of acceptance and grace. What I have viewed as a pathology in my ability to lock down uncomfortable feelings and unhealthy relationships has served me very well in surviving emotionally, and instead of ruing it, I embrace it.

I have been worried that I am broken, unable to connect, but that isn’t true. Over the past six months I have had the distinct privilege of establishing new friendships with new people who share my interests moving forward, and I have found great comfort in long-term friends and family, many of whom I have neglected in eternity past. I have been humbled in a good way at the warmth with which I have been embraced. And the older I become, the more I really cherish these people who know me without me having to explain myself.

Granted I have had four glasses (very small–trivial really–glasses of wine) and refrains from KumbaYah are humming through my innards, but you know what? I’ll make it. Whatever bullshit life throws my way, I am ready for it. I have siblings and a parent, friends, extended family, online class friends, roommates, kids, and a paid for friend (may she live forever) to run interference between me and implosion. This IS good news.





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